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you again next time. remember the spin stops here. we are definitely looking out we are definitely looking out for you. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. [ cheering and applause ] >> sean: on the eve of the first anniversary of the kickoff of the tea party movement we are in atlanta, georgia coming from the gwinnett center where we will beç checking in with our great, great american panel and much more. first the tea party movement went back to its roots earlier today when a massive rally was held on boston common steps from the site of the original tea party. the keynote speaker none other than the former governor of the great state of alaska,
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sarah palin. >> boston, if anyone knows now throw a tea party, it is you! folks, we need your voice now, more than ever. it is timeç to remind them that government should be working for us. we should not have to work for the government. this isn't about party machines. it is not about titles or power struggles within. it is not about dividing america and it is not about one individual politician. this is about the people! this is the people's movement! [ cheering ] >> sean: tphoufpbds of support on hand -- thousands of supporters were on hand. it was estimated only 100ç anti-tea party protesters showed up. that says a lot about whose side the momentum is onúd-gsru now in america, doesn't it? joining me former white house press secretary dana perino
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and fox news contributor, pat caddell. welcome, good to see you. [ applause ] >> sean: let me start, yesterday steny hoyer was out there saying the tone in america is dangerous. we've got to lower theç volume here. at the same time, we've got a united states congressman wanting to punch bill o'reilly in the nose and saying blank the f-word the tea party movement. with where is the insightful rhetoric coming from? >> you can't pick up a newspaper today without reading about how angry the conservative movement is. i read three stories in the "washington post". my local paper. if you look across the board. attentions are high cross the board. i think if you look at any type ofç the vitriolic rhetoric
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it is coming from both sides. >> sean: i want to put up on the screen. these local boston paper had a contest for the best signs to greet governor sarah palin. by the way, these are the ones that we can put up. god hates sarah palin. exorcise palin. mention an exorcism. i usually dig crazy b-words. any questions? i can see sarah palin from my backyard. mocking,ç ridiculing, attack beings -- attacking they've gone after her looks, her family, her children. pat caddell, what is it with the democratic party. they called anybody who guess to the tea party, unamerican, mobsters compared to the klan and segregationists. why would the democratic party do that? >> this is why my party is in such trouble. you can't attack the american
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people and think they are going to like it. we have an er that is much broader than the tea party movement. people who wantç to participate tomorrow in their own tea go to fox news and we'll have the taxpayer calculator you can see how much of the programs you are paying for with your taxes. >> sean: half the country is not paying anything, pat. >> yeah, well if you do pay, you could do it. imagine you pay. >> sean: no, i pay. >> you don't pay enough is the problem. >> sean: wants every penny i got. i never saw the government -- every personality on the fox news channel has been attacked by name on a regular basis. pat you are a lifelong democrat, you worked with carter and mondale, you are attacked on a regular basis. >> that's the way life is.
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>> the american people, they reaching out and crying out. the tea party movement in particular, gets singled out for ridicule by elites. even when they feel just as disconnectedç as they could from washington they want to raise their voice and get attacked. that is the problem. sarah palin has been willing to go out and talk to the tea party movement at any opportunity. there's a lot of women a part of this tea party movement. >> sean: democrats are saying rhetoric is out of control this is a bunch of mobsters. >> this is what we have here understand, we have washington and the political class, and we have the people and they could not be further apart if they lived in opposite universes. the american people, you know we are having tax day tomorrow.ç look at rasmussen's numbers, what you find is 66% overall
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think they are taxed too much. among mainstream america that number is 80%. among the political class, 70% say they are not taxed enough when they are not tacked. so it is a 150 point different. >> talk about being out of touch, tomorrow americans are going to -- that's the day your taxes are due. the same day that president obama has chosen to have a space summit. not even focusing on the issue that people care about. >> sean: he's focusing on theç economy like a laser beam. >> that's part of his space program. >> sean: yes part of his space program, not a bad -- [ applause ] >> sean: rasmussen a month ago, 16% of the american people identified themselves with the tea party movement. today that number is 24%. back to the rhetoric for one second. you were the press secretary for george w. bush. two things have come out. first of all, all the things
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that were said in those years about president bush, number one. there was a poll outç today if there was an election between barack obama and george w. bush, it is a dead heat. >> what a difference a year makes. and a push for policies that the american people one, didn't want, two, aren't ready for and three, some have buyer's remorse. the president said you will keep your health care and you -- we won't raise taxes on the middle class defined by him as somebody who makes $250,000 or less. it is not true. people are thinking what is the nextç shoe to drop? how much more money could be squeezed out of our pockets? >> biggest problem is people think the country -- we're losing the country. the american dream disappearing. deficits and debt has become the defining symbol of a country that is losing its future for its children.
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everything else is driven from that washington, -- none of them want to not spend money. not just the democrats, the republicans are spending money. >> sean: wait a minute, we never quadrupled thelbt like this. why aren't more democrats saying what are saying? you say it, you get beaten up for saying it, why? >> in this country politically we are so centralized politics the fear of dissent. i come from a party that thrives on dissent traditional >> unless you are sarah palin. >> that's true. everyone has someone. it's that you have here -- what you have is the attack saying we've got to all stand together. they've asked democrats, doug schoen and i wrote about this before the voteç on health care that this is suicidal. this effort to shove something down the people's throats -- it is going to be a disaster. >> sean: the largest focus
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group, everybody here is going to partake in a focus group coming up with frank lutz. we are on the road, we are in beautiful atlanta. we continue with dana perino and pat caddell. [ cheering and applause ] thanks to the new venture card from capital one,
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>> sean: welcome back to the gwinnett center with we are in atlanta, georgia tonight. the people gathered here are fed up with the obama administration. also not the only ones out there. members of the tea party movement made their voices heard in boston today when they protested the astronomically high tax increases that the anointed one is now ushering in. we continue with former democratic pollster fox news contributor pat caddell and former white house communications director dana perino. a lot of this comes to moneyç. i've looked at the present tax bracket in america 35%. bush tax cuts are going to expire. we are going to 42%, just right there. they are going to increase the tax on medicare, 25% to 3.9%. millionaire surcharge, if you make a million dollars a year 5.4%. 53% that doesn't include state
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income tax, their new consumption tax, sales$j( tax, county tax, property tax. >> not only that we have amongst theç highest corporate tax rates in the world. even more uncompetitive when it comes to creating jobs in the country if you are a corporation where would you rather be? it might not be here. >> sean: are you suggesting business is going to invest overseas, merging economies with this cheaperyf labor -- >> that is already happening. lio have their business based in america that would be their preference. when it comes down to where they should spend their money they make different decisions. eoplemake different decisions. should be very aware of this consumer financial protection act that the democrats today said they are going to ram through without any republican support, they don't care they are on a pattern. one thing about in bill that no one is talking about the way it is written now, the rules do not apply to foreign banks only to american banks.
9:15 pm
distinct disadvantage. >> sean: this would allow the obama administration without judicial oversight, to literally, shutdown, sell off, private companies that the administration in essence deems too big to fail. >> too bigç to fail. this is the problem with the republican party. i'm tough on my party so let me say something about republicans, particularly as it relates to the tea party. >> sean: everybody get ready to boo. >> the fact is, the republican party, i don't know why, they keep supporting the institutions like banks which are giving 2/3 of their money to democrats. too big to fail the questionjbnz of regulation. don't think if they give you money you don'tq1?ñ get somethig for. like supporting the drug companies, supporting obama's health care. my bigger point is, we hadç an election in massachusetts with scott brown. that was the model. somebody new from the outside. democrats decided to pretend
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it never happened. republicans thought it was open invitation to bring back every old hack involved in helping bring deficits in. instead of getting new blood, the tea party movement is bigger and they want new blood. >> there's great new blood. i'll give you an exam. if you look at tim burns in pennsylvania who is going to try to run for murtha's seat this is an interesting young conservative. ryan frasier of colorado. fiveç women running for the republican party for senate races across the country. there's a lot of new blood. a lot of good ideas and they are putting them forward. let's talk about people bringing back reruns, people who have already been in government the democrats do that, the republicans do that, they have the experience. >> the problem is that is the problem with washington. i think that's what people in the tea party are saying. we want control of the country. we are tired of the political -- [ applause ]
9:17 pm
>> the republicans are going to win but betfer look at how they win. >> sean: shafley wrote the following on town hall today, april 15th, which is tomorrow, divides america into two equal classes, those who pay for services provided by the government and she uses the term free loaders. and goes on, the worst is the bottom 40%, 50% don't pay any income tax. 40% not only don't pay but are benefited by those that are paying. americans are split according to gallup about whether income tax is too high of course,ç the people that aren't paying don't have a problem with taxes being too high. the rest of america feels like it is paying too much. >> he warned that the thing that would destroy america, if anything, if we ended up with some paying for the government -- >> sean: 50/50. >> i'm for responsible government.
9:18 pm
everyone has got to be in the same boat if you are not we are not in the same country. these people in power understand they want to keep in power or get it back. >> sean: i think what obama, reidç, pelosi are doing, they want the power. they want dependency. they want us looking and bowing at their alter because they are in control. we have to go to them for whatever crumbs -- >> they have a different view of the world that's for sure from my point of view. do we all want a strong america? yes. do we have different i was of getting there? absolutely. for the 50% of americans not paying federal income tax for them to have the type of lifestyle, job and education that can bring them up so they% can start paying as well. they would probably prefer to have that lifestyle. >> why aren't we doing more to make the economy work. largest number of people unemployed for a year or more.
9:19 pm
people are not finding work. >> sean: how do you do that? you do what reagan did. cut taxes unleash the trlal spirit, he limb -- the trpal spirit, eliminate government bureaucracy. >> you also do, i am for the fact that you have to give people incentives to make jobs in the economy it doesn't come from the government. jz is, what we have is croon any capitalism, companies and government hand-in-hand in which they are benefiting their own, that kind of welfare, not free enterprise. >> sean: as much as you would talk about corporate malfeasance nothing as mismanaged as government. you want to waste money -- [ applause ] >> i didn't argue that. i'm not arguing there's not government incompetence. the problem is when it is being sold and bought on the open market that is the problem.ç >> sean: if any corporation
9:20 pm
were run as ineffectively as corruptly, with the bribery and intimidation, if any corporation were run like the u.s. government the leaders would be put in jail. [ applause ] >> sean: that's the difference. thank you for being with us. let not your heart be troubled. coming up our great, great, american panel. we in beautiful atlanta, georgia. we check in with frank hruz. --ç franklu [ crowd cheering ]
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. [ applause ] >> sean: tonight we are in atlanta on the eve of the first anniversary of the kickoff of the tea party movement. tens of thousands of americans will gather on tax day tomorrow to have their voices her. tonight on our great, great american panel i am joined by three people who are not afraid to share their opinions. congressman fromç the state of georgia, representative is here. editor eric erickson is back he's a rock star president of news talk 750, herman cain is here.
9:25 pm
[ applause ] >> sean: good to see you. appreciate your being here. i to get this out of the way. herman cain is a friend, colleague, fellow talk show host. there's a rumor youç were in new orleans the other day and gave a speech and said you are considering running for the president of the united states? how many of you would like him to run for president? [ cheering and applause ] >> my exact words were, we have to focus on 2010. we knee is job one. but as we start looking to 2012, i simply reminded everybody that in 2011, as these candidates for presideítç are emerging, that there could be a dark horse candidate. that's all i said. [ cheering ] >> could be!
9:26 pm
those were my exact words. that's all i said. >> sean: wait a minute! >> it could be a white guy! [ cheering ] >> sean: you're getting a little like bill clinton. i want to know would you consider -- you have anç incredible business background. you founded -- >> i used to own godfather speak brought it back from bankruptcy. >> sean: obviously you have created a job this president has lost four million jobs so you would be ahead of the game. would you consider it seriously? >> i would with a lot of prayer that's what i want people to do, pray about it. that's one of the biggest decisions could you make. >> sean: i'm going to pray deepably whether i should run for dogcatcher in my local community that's as far asç my
9:27 pm
political career goes. >> it takes a lot of prayer. at this moment my wife is watching and falling out of her chair. >> sean: the atmosphere in the country, we saw what happened with the health care bill. you are in washington you are a congressman. bribery, intimidation. you see the anger, frustration. we've been all around the country and i've met so many people. i've never seen a level of anxiety, anxiousness, concern, worry, pick your"a >> they are so concerned about the future of their country. they come up to me and say i'm afraid for the future of my country. because they are looking to washington and don't recognize any of the solutions that are being offered because they are not american you solutions. [ applause ] >> we need american solutions. >> sean: i agree. not following what is historically worked tax cuts,
9:28 pm
strong national defense, moral clarity dealing with the war on terror and the evil. these are european socialist models america's followingç with predictable results, eric? >> you know, for some reason this administration says we should be more like europe. i think europe should be more like us. we tend to have lower unemployment. [ applause ] >> this administration, based on what it puts out in the media, seems like it is advertising we should get used to high european-style un . we should not settle for anything less than being best. >> sean: tea parties across the country, people frustrated high taxation half households are not paying, half areç paying. what happens to america if we get to the point where you have a voting majority of people that are saying the tax rates are perfect, i don't have to pay, somebody else pays? >> what i'm hearing from the tea party people and the people that go to rallies is we are not going to allow
9:29 pm
america to go down, number one. secondly, there are more people who get it, and who can connect the did thes and they are going to make sure they go to the polls in november 2010 in numbers like -- [ applause ] >> sean: let me play devil's advocate. what aboutç the people that like not paying? what about the people that like a free ride? what about the people that are getting something for nothing? are they going to the polls? >> not in as big a numbers. >> sean: how could -- how do you know? you have a crystal ball? >> i see a lot of encouraging signs. i get people calling up saying, mr. cain, i like a mulligan on my vote for president. that's called voter's remorse. more importantly,ç i'm getting callers from people that are in their 20s, in their 30s who
9:30 pm
thought the change you could trust was something they voted and they are now saying we are not. you reported this on your show. you start looking at what is happening to the moderates and independents it is switching. they have been duped and they are going to the polls. some of those people that aren't paying taxes -- >> sean: what about people that are saying our opposition to barack obama is based on race? >> i say theyç are the racists who are saying it. >> sean: frank lutz is going to be here and conduct a focus group with our wonderful crowd here. much more as we continue with hannity on the road tonight in atlanta, georgia. frontal crash . that's peace of mind for every size family. chevy... may the best car win.
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it's another thing to back it up. the chevy 5-year/100,000 mile transferable powertrain warranty. with roadside assistance and courtesy transportation, it's the best coverage in america. applause ] >> sean: welcome back. we are in atlanta for in special on the road edition of hannity. i continue to be joined by our great, great american panel.
9:35 pm
frank lutz will join us for a focus in a few minutes. we talked about the economy, the tea party movement and governor palin. barack obama says whether weç like it or not, we remain a military super -- dominant military super power. whether we like it or not. i can't imagine the world with us not being -- what is not to like? >> you know, i'm clueless on this. i read the quote and thought it must had been taken out of context until i saw it on tv and he actually said that >> i think it shows underlying goal for the nation not to be the world's super power. he believes the world is better ifç everybody is equal in terms of national power that is not the way we have controlled peace in this world for the last 50, 60 years. >> sean: we talked about if there is a crippling cyber attack he takes nukes off the
9:36 pm
table. we have gates saying they expected iran could have a nuke weapon within a year. president saying iran sanctions not likely to work. simultaneously cutting our nuclear arsenal in half and not modevr-ing it. >> and not defending our greatest ally in the mideast, israel. it is astonishing what is going on. [ applause ] >> what it says to me is this fellow's naive day about where the united states ought to be in the world is astounding and reckless behavior. wilt endanger our kids and grand kids. >> reporter: three quarters of the senate, 38 democrats sent a letter to hillary clinton rebuking the president on the horrible treatment of our ally in the mideast, israel when iran is ratch whening upç -- when iran is ratcheting up all
9:37 pm
this activity. >> it thinks the world would be better off if we were all one of many nation as opposed to the last best hope for mankind. it thinks if we do something different, somehow the results will be different and better. i don't think they are that naive. i think they are looking at what past presidents have done and saying let's think different. >> reporter: >> sean: is it that or is he the rigidç ideologue i said before the election? >> they knew he was to the left. >> sean: america is an arrogant country have >> he doesn't believe in american exceptionalism. if you don't then you don't believe that america ought to be the world. the only way that we maintain peace in this world is if america is the preeminent leader in the world. [ applause ] >> all the policies, they are bringing america down. can't for the life of me explain he's trying to make
9:38 pm
our economy mediocre with his announced nuclear -- >> sean: you say trying,ç you think it is conscious? >> i believe it is conscious. as rick said from rick and bubba earlier, they can't be that dumb. they got to be doing this on purpose. if they bring america down and make it more mediocre, -- >> sean: i'm not trying to interrupt. you think the president of the united states is doing this purposefully, for what reason would he possibly want to destroy america's economy and place in the world, where is that coming from? >> where i'm coming from is that if you weaken the united states, militarilyç, economically and culturally, then america is going to suffer from the same problems that all -- a lot of the other countries suffer from, that opens the door to some dramatic change in the how we run this country. >> sean: would that fit into black liberation theology,
9:39 pm
social marxism, redistribution, gd america, america's chickens have come home to roast? >> it fits into anti-america,ç anti-constitution, anti-declaration of independence. >> sean: congressman? >> i don't know that he wants the economy -- [ inaudible ] >> he wants the government to be in charge. if you want the government to be in charge of everything you have to believe that the government knows best. we believe that people know best and the government ought not to -- >> sean: do you think it is conscious? >> that he wants everything to be fair and the government to be making all these decisions, health care, the economy. >> there's a little more to it. when you expect the united states to stop being the number one country in the world you start takingç actions like this to brace us for when we are not as opposed to trying to set us up so we always remain the number one
9:40 pm
country. >> sean: what could be the largest focus group ever, when we come back. we are live in atlanta. ♪ we created our college of business and management... after collaborating with business leaders. we wanted our curriculum to match market needs, preparing you for today's most sought-after careers. in fact, we have not one but five specialized colleges,
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and i've got a smile that stands out, too. [ female announcer ] new crest 3d white professional effects whitestrips. also try crest 3d white toothpaste and rinse for a 3d white smile. [ applause ] >> sean: welcome back to this special edition of hannity. we are in atlanta, georgia tonight on the eve of the first anniversary of the kickoff ofç the tea party movement. we are joined by frank lutz. he's here to conduct what could be our largest focus group ever. mr. lutz, good to see you. >> can we do 2012? >> sean: 10, 12, 14 whatever you want. >> we are going to do this by applause. you can only vote once. let's talk about the former vice presidential candidate, if you your only vote who would vote for sarah palin?
9:45 pm
[ applause ]ç >> newt gingrich? [ applause ] >> mitt romney? [ applause ] >> romney's the 17-year-olds down in the front. haley barbour. okay. >> sean: we are going to do the next show from mississippi. >> right. tim pawlenty?ç ron paul? hello mrs. paul. [ laughing ] >> sean: who else? >> who else is there? >> sean: john mccain.
9:46 pm
mike huckabee. >> mike huckabee. [ applause ] >> sean: hannity is not running. >> how many of you believe we are going to win in 2012?ç [ applause ] >> sean: let's -- i think -- i would say newt gingrich got a -- let me ask a question a different way of all of those candidates of all the names mentioned with a round of applause, would you be comfortable with one of those people running and maybe the other one running as a vice president? [ applause ] >> sean: there's going to be skwaublgs and battles. everybody i talked to frank isç focused on 2010 and the idea can we fire nancy pelosi, harry reid and can the republicans, do you think they have a legitimate shot of
9:47 pm
taking back the house and senate? >> i've been careful. my job is to get it right. it wasn't until -- until the 12th of october 1994 i said republicans would win the majority. every time i appear on your show you ask me that question. the most likely outcome is 35 seats for the gop. only five seats short. >> sean: at this juncture,ç i thought charlie cook had an interesting analysis the other day he's not known to go out on a limb. he thinks it is very possible, but for two things. i would love to see this happen, because i love my country and i hate to hear that 17 1/2% of americans are out of work, under employed or have not been counted by the government. i want the economy to come back, but under obama's economic policies i don't see it coming back. either that happens or some other outside event could impact us. >> it is true. but the public is demanding
9:48 pm
accountability. evenç if the economy comes back the public feels deceived by this administration. they were given promises clearly in 2008 that haven't been resolved in 2010. promised someone who would govern from the center. i don't think anybody believes that barack obama has governed from the center. the level of anger and frustration in the country is so deep, and i would also say that because of people who have been writing and speaking out and having the courage of their convictions, sean hannity, you this crowd right here and the american people ready, willing and eager to vote for change.ç [ applause ] >> sean: i agree with that let me do a little more focus group stuff with you. [ applause ] >> sean: i'm making the case that i want to see the country return to -- i want republicans to sign a new contract with america. >> commitment. >> sean: commitment. i want it on paper. how many of you think that would be a good idea?
9:49 pm
[ applause ] >> sean: second thing, i don't think we have to reinvent the wheel. how many of you on that contract would like to see them promise to balance the budget and be fiscallyç responsible? [ applause ] >> sean: okay. hang on. how many of you want them to pledge to have a strong national defense so we can defend freedom? [ applause ] >> sean: how many of you think we should become energy independent? [ applause [ >> sean: how many of you think we should -- have free markets versus socialism? [ cheering and applause ] >> sean: is it any more complicated? >> i think they should be even more specific. weç should never -- the candidates should sign a pledge, a commitment, never to apologize for america. [ applause ]
9:50 pm
>> that the american people have the right, right to know everything that's in the legislation. the right -- >> sean: actually read it. >> and to actually read it. >> sean: what a change that would be trang. listen, i think this is really important. do you think the energy that i've been seeing and running into across the country, some areç saying they are concerned. hard to maintain that through november. i think it will happen, what do you any? >> they are not going away. [ applause ] >> sean: coming up, as we continue, [ inaudible ] rick and bubba will bring humor and fun as we continue, straight ahead. 
9:51 pm
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9:54 pm
.ç >> sean: welcome back. we are coming to you from the gwyneth center in beautiful downtown atlanta, georgia. they've tried to brand member of the tea party movement as racist, unamerican, mobsters. they haven't been able to produce evidence. but that doesn't stop the media. now it appears that some are trying to manufacture it themselves. new website call crash the tea party has emerged. its author said he's organizing nationwide to infiltrate the tea parties
9:55 pm
with fake signsç in an effort to discredit the movement and separate them from the american people. joining me with analysis of the host of the popular rick and bubba show the self-pro claimed two sexiest fat men alive. >> thank you sean. [ applause ] >> hello atlanta. sean i actually think in the end this is going to be a good thing. people criticized me when i first found this out friday, crash the tea parties i told my radio --ç audience, told the tv audience. they are going to show up with ignorant signs, get on the media, say horrible things. right now the country has a favorable view of the tea party movement. what do you think of this movement? >> to me the tea party movement liberals are always taken aback when people object to what they are doing. they only love free speech if it agrees with what they want
9:56 pm
you to say they could be the only people who would think woodstock, naked people rolling around the mud was a beautiful expression of freedom. but the tea parties are evil and to beç stopped. by the way do not take the brown pills, but go ahead. [ laughing ] >> sean: green ones are okay. >> green ones are okay. >> sean: what is one of the worst things that you can say about somebody? they are race i. a congressman in tennessee claiming robes and hoods, rangel calling them segregationists, mobsters, unamerican comparing them to tim mcveigh for crying out loud, some liberals are. >> we saw the crowd, we saw what they to say it is not about that we want limited government.ç we are tired of being pushed around by an over bearing government that is trampling the constitution. [ applause ]
9:57 pm
>> the tea party folks are real people. and it is a real movement. we don't need talking points. we don't have to have websites to tell us what to do. we know because we feel the same way. >> sean: should they be concerned this effort could be effective -- throughout my career, i spent four years locally on the radio here in atlanta, when i leftç huntsville, alabama, they had a headline good-bye from the talk show host from hell when i left to come to fox news the journal constitution, great year the olympics came and hannity left. there's always been an effort to demonize talk radio, rush limbaugh, demonize you guys, every personality on fox and the fox news channel. but i've never seen them go after the american people. >> they want to portray this like it is a bunch of yahoos havingç a hoot-nanny. what this is, they can't
9:58 pm
stomach that these are american people saying we are not as stupid as you must think. i'm a c student from alabama halfway between here and birmingham, i know you can't spend money you don't have. [ applause [ >> it is not complicated. i know what the founding fathers intended. >> what they don't like is when the american people tell them here's the true debate we are having in this country. we have aç group of people in charge that want to take us, talked about, soft tyranny, european socialist direction. the other group says we want to go back to the original intent of the founding fathers which made us the greatest country and a living miracle and we are trying to get away from that! [ applause ] >> let's a plan that doesn't work. socialism has never worked! >> sean: he has summed this up
9:59 pm
as good as anybody i've ever heard. would you vote for them for president?78pf [ cheering ] >> he's had -- you understand the three branches of government and math it ought to be clear. >> sean: this not callus this is sad, i think of how hard my parents and grandparents worked for me and i stand on their shoulders. the thought of them taking a sledgehammer and robbing my piggy bank they would never do it. 30 seconds. >> keep in mind, when these liberals say these horrible things they are talking aboutç my maman this part of the country you talk about my mama, -- [ applause ] >> it is bigger. >> do you realize how easy it is to take day

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